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watching stars collide
when it all rains down, from the blood stained clouds, oh come out come out to the sea my love and just drown with me. +

Our Song by The xx from "Coexist" Album


We can’t leave him here.

snarkysweetness: 'caveman book' omg

no really look how much of a dumbass i am

it’s my baby


the notebook problem: you see a notebook. you want to buy the notebook. but you know you have like TEN OTHER NOTEBOOKS. most which are STILL EMPTY. you don’t need to notebook. you’re probably not gonna use the notebook anyway. what’s the point? DONT BUY THE NOTEBOOK. you buy the notebook.


"I’ll be Captain Narcolepsy!"

Anonymous: ✖BioSpecialist

thank you darling uwu

well like

ward says it was him like it was basically him okay he had the ring and everything.

but he might have gotten a little bit nervous and stuttery and then maybe jemma was like yes you bastard i’ll marry you

well jemma was more outwardly stressed? bc she is just such a perfectionist okay like the flowers have to match the dress have to match the 

but seriously ward is just as freaked out just more quietly okay

but it might just be because he wants everything to be perfect for her

jemma — and she was such a perfectionist about it because she wanted everything to be just right and create the perfect atmosphere and be harmonious and bright

and ward doesn’t really get it like could this not all just be white or grey? but honestly if it makes her happy then he’s going to do his best to suggest non-neutral colours

ward okay it is 100% ward bc jemma just caNNOT COOK OKAY?? and it frustrates her so so much bc like it’s just science and it should not be hard like it is literally just chemistry and she has like four degrees in that shit it’s so unfair?

but tbh she’s okay again once ward has cooked bc he always makes her favourites the total sucker

mostly ward? like he has just been trained to be clean and neat and everything so he just naturally cleans up as he goes along whereas jemma tries she really tries but she can end up just totally forgetting bc science is more important okay??

well see ward is sort of trained to be organised and efficient and tidy until he has a bad day and then it’s just mess everywhere everything is shit what’s the point (and then jemma kisses it better okay)

and jemma likes everything to be just as efficient and effective as possible but sometimes she just gets so engrossed in stuff that being organised just isn’t important any more and they end up with livers by lunch

jemma can be the kinkiest little thing ever like she gets super turned on by so much

like apparently he brushes his teeth attractively what even jemma

but then again there are just those times when ward comes up again her and is nuzzling in her neck and they end up screwing against a lab bench okay

ward like it just slips out honestly he didn’t mean to but you know

wouldn’t it be nice

because she would be such a good mother

and he wants to be able to do it right

send me ships yay 

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